Bankless Academy - Whitelabel Platform
Bankless Academy - Whitelabel Platform

Bankless Academy - Whitelabel Platform

Build your own web3 educational platform in no time by leveraging Bankless Academy’s infrastructure.

🚀 Bankless Academy

Bankless Academy is a leading web3 educational platform that aims to scale interactive on-chain learning across the budding blockchain ecosystem. To achieve this goal, the Academy team pursues frontier interoperability and the support of cutting-edge education use cases.
Since its inception, our platform has been adopted as the official onboarding experience and credential issuance system of both BanklessDAO and HumanDAO.

💾 Whitelabel community perks

The Academy white-label is a web3 interoperable education platform that reduces the friction of your DAO’s contributor journey. Our white-label platform allows your DAO will leverage countless hours of product/market research and trial and error - a two-year development journey that has been invested in our native Bankless Academy infrastructure. Your white-label platform can also gains access to new functionalities we deploy to Bankless Academy!
By joining our white-label community, your DAO also begins benefiting from an active social network of leading web3 educators and tool builders working to pave the future of web3 education.
🔑 Key platform features:
  • Lesson formula composed of written and visual content, quizzes, and on-chain quests that facilitate practical learning - all contributing to a user resume of on-chain SBT (Soulbound Tokens) credentials.
  • Easy-to-use content management system based on Notion. This system also provides a real-time preview of content before deployment.
  • Modules/submodules support organizing lessons.
  • Instant deployment via command line.
  • Following your community’s learning journey via an interactive wallet analytics dashboard.
  • Joining an experienced team that continues to develop its own native, battle-tested infrastructure.
  • Leveraging off a feature-packed web3 onboarding experience used by both BanklessDAO and HumanDAO.
  • Your community can leverages new functionalities we deploy to Bankless Academy!
  • An initial launch campaign, followed by continued Bankless Academy + BanklessDAO marketing opportunities.
  • Contribution to the evolution of a platform that empowers decentralized community-driven content creation.

👩‍🎓 Community content creation

The Academy team understands that the web3 landscape has the potential to add exponential scalability to the generation of quality community-built content. By developing a feature-set that manifests this vision, and a governance framework that facilitates a decentralized syllabus direction, we stand to create content creation ecosystems that empower those closest to the work.
It all starts with making a frictionless content creation process.
Bankless Academy - Content Creation Process

🪙 Pricing

= $40,000 USDC.
  • Zero-commitment demonstration + Q&A.
  • 25% down payment to begin integration.
  • 50% following completion of integration.
  • Final 25% following launch of your analytics dashboard.
  • Whitelabel platform feature updates (included in price).
  • Hosting price: 47$ / month. (This service is currently zero-cost for our whitelabel community members)
  • Custom work/support: $100 / hr.

🗺️ Current whitelabel roadmap

  • [RELEASED Q1 2022] MVP with lesson slides, onchain quest and lesson badges.
  • [RELEASED Q1 2023] Mixpanel Analytics dashboard.
  • [RELEASED Q1 2023] PWA (Progressive Web App) Mobile App release.
  • [RELEASED Q2 2023] Lesson Collectibles.
  • [RELEASED Q3 2023] In-house Lesson Badge system.
  • [RELEASED Q3 2023] Multi-language support.
  • [RELEASED Q4 2023] Community feedback.
  • [RELEASED Q4 2023] Explorer Profile.
  • [RELEASED Q1 2024] Farcaster frames support.
  • [RELEASED Q1 2024] Step by step animations.
  • [RELEASED Q1 2024] Quest simulations.
  • [Q1 2024] Referral system.
  • [Q2 2024] Community content creation.

📀 Platform demo

You can check out an unguided demo below, or contact us for a full feature walkthrough and briefing on where we’re headed.

💡If this excites you…

You and your DAO should contact us via the below form:


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The Bankless Academy team looks forward to hearing from you. Let’s BUIDL the future of web3 together!


🎯 Ambassador Bounty 🎯

If you are an official ambassador for a protocol and can liaison a discussion that leads to a finished collaboration, you will be reimbursed a $1,000 USD bounty equivalent in $BANK.